Residential Lawn Maintenance

We are your long term Lawn Maintenance Company.
All too often I hear from property owners or managers that they’ve changed their landscaper 2-3 times within the past two years. Our commitment to providing superior landscaping services is evident in the fact that we have not lost a single one of these contracts. Not saying we are perfect but if you as a client has a complaint, notify us about it immediately and we will make changes to satisfy your needs. The excellent service our clients received during the first few months of their contract is the same level of service they continue to receive years later. An affordable lawn care company that is customer oriented is hard to beat.
Our commitment is to protect, improve and beautify our clients landscape by implementing sound and environmentally responsible horticulture techniques. Our friendly, trained , uniformed staff strives to exceed any and all of your expectations.

Lawn Fertilizer

Lawn fertilizer is essential if you want to create a healthy, green lawn that is the envy of your neighborhood. In order to develop turf that is resistant to disease, insects and weeds, our lawn care experts will incorporate a balance of specially formulated nutrients and slow-release grass fertilizers into your seasonal maintenance program. Our expert lawn care consultants will conduct an examination of your property and make program recommendations specific to the unique needs of your turf environment, including lawn fertilizer.
Lawn Maintenance with Fertilizer – Our lawn care experts will incorporate a balance of specially formulated nutrients and slow-release grass fertilizers into your seasonal maintenance program
Your lawn requires at minimum16 nutrients for normal grass growth and development. The exact amount needed varies by species, cultivars, soil moisture contents and the time of year. Poppy State Services lawn specialists have the knowledge and experience to determine exactly what nutrients are needed, and at what quantities, to bolster your lawn and keep it beautiful.
Your lawn needs regular applications of fertilizer. Lawn fertilizer can raise your turf’s resistance to many avoidable problems before they start. Without grass fertilizer, your turf may experience a nutrient deficiency making it more susceptibility to lawn disease. A lawn care program that incorporates our specialized blends of lawn fertilizer will encourage root growth resulting in a thicker, healthier lawn.
Winterize your Lawn with a Fall Application of Lawn Fertilizer

Maintaining a healthy lawn is a year-round process — and the colder months are no exception! In fact, lawn care measures taken during the fall months are the basis for developing a strong foundation for the coming year. A fall lawn fertilizer application can help grass recover from summer stress. Additionally, fertilizing your lawn in the fall will help protect it against the harsh winter weather that’s ahead.

Winterizing Your Lawn

Just two or three applications of grass fertilizer between September and December will provide your lawn with the nutrients it needs to develop a deep, strong root system that will keep it healthy throughout the winter months. In addition, fall lawn fertilizing can enhance your turfs density and preserve a beautiful fall color.

Preparing Your Lawn for Spring and Summer
Lawn Maintenance – Preparing Your Lawn for Spring and Summer
As the warmer months approach, spring lawn care that includes regular fertilizing is essential to create a healthy, lush, green lawn. Our specially balanced nutrients, with slow release spring and summer lawn fertilizers, offered as part of your lawn care service program, will significantly help your turf weather periods of heat and drought.

Commercial Lawn Maintenance

Whether it is a commercial office complex, industrial complex, apartment complex, Restaurant, or any other type of commercial property Poppy State Services provides professional grounds maintenance services that keep properties looking their very best. We take a proactive approach to commercial grounds maintenance, avoiding many problems before they occur. Our attention to detail will keep the presentation of your property at its highest level.

Poppy State Services puts a great deal of emphasis on making the property manager, building owner, or homeowner association’s job easier. We understand that the presentation of a property is a symbol of our professionalism. It is because of this correlation that Poppy State Services is proud to say we care about your property’s appearance.

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